Aeris Fin Strap with Buckle

Aeris Fin Strap with Buckle Features

What's in the box: Two Buckles, One Strap

You are fully suited up and are ready to put your fins on to start your dive and your fin strap or buckle breaks! Always have a spare in your save-a-dive kit. Basic fin strap and buckle is designed for Aeris fins yet, will fit a large scope of strapped fins. Fin strap has durable impact resistant plastic squeeze" style quick disconnect release for easy donning or removal of fin. This simple easy grip rubber strap with buckle could save a dive!

Key Features

  • Fits Aeris and Many other Strapped Fins
  • Durable Plastic Quick Release Buckles
  • Durable Rubber Strap with Heel Tab
  • Great Save-A-Dive Kit Item