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Adventure Medical Kits - Travel Medic Kit

Adventure Medical Kits - Travel Medic Kit Features

What's in the box: Travel Medic Kit

Adventure Medical Kits - Travel Medic Kit
The Adventure Medical Kits - Travel Medic Kit is a must have addition to your gear for any trip. Its weight of 2 oz. makes it lighter than any other personal medical kit, allowing you to carry it in an easy way anywhere you go. The bag measures 5 in. x 4.5 in. x .75 in. and is perfect to store in any compartment in your backpack, suitcase, or bag. The equipment included covers the needs for one person on a multiple-day trip. It comes with a carbon-neutral bag made from 30% recycled material, making this kit not only durable but environmentally friendly. This kit offers several bandages to help stop bleeding as well as covering wounds. You can treat your burns or blisters with the included supplies. It features medications such as acetaminophen, antacids, and antihistamines to treat headaches, stomachaches, and more. Plus, it provides you with alcohol swabs and antibiotic ointment to take care of wounds. This kit comes with two wash-up towelettes to give you anti-bacterial cleansing. Enjoy your adventures with peace of mind when you purchase the Adventure Medical Kits - Travel Medic Kit.

Key Features

  • With its lightweight and compact build, this travel medic kit can be easily carried around
  • This kit comes with 4 bandages, allowing you to support injured body parts
  • With a knuckle bandage, you can protect cuts and scrapes on knuckles or jointed areas from being infected
  • Its butterfly closure bandages will help you close up cuts of various sizes
  • This medic kit from Adventure Medical kits also allows you to treat burns and blisters with GlacierGel dressing
  • Its durable moleskin serves as d cushion for tender spots such as corns and calluses
  • You can also gently clean wounds and cuts with this kit's 3 Anesthetic/Antiseptic wipes
  • Thanks to its 1 triple Antibiotic ointment, you are ensured of fast-acting pain relief and excellent infection protection
  • To keep things more hygienic, you can use the included 2 wash-up towelette
  • With its over-the-counter medicines such as Antacids, Antihistamines, and Ibuprofens, you can provide immediate medication for various medical situations