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SOL Thermal Bivy

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SOL Thermal Bivy Features

What's in the box: SOL Thermal Bivy

SOL Thermal Bivvy
Stay warm and cozy wearing the SOL Thermal Bivvy. It is definitely a great addition to any outdoor aficionado s compulsory emergency gear. Its design keeps you warm in any season, and it offers more versatility that it can be used as a stand-alone sleep system in weather to 50 F. It reflects 80% of the radiated body heat back to you, preserving your warmth as you rest. It's also windproof and waterproof, thanks to its Metalized Non-Woven Fabric. For greater durability and to prevent any rips and tears, the thermal bivvy even comes with a soft face, side venting, and extremely durable fabric. You can store the bivvy inside the Stuff Sack so this 8.5 oz. bivvy on your backcountry adventures. Looking for an ideal emergency shelter that you can take with your gear? Get the SOL Thermal Bivvy.

Key Features

  • The bivvy is made of metalized non-woven fabric that boast of superb durability and style
  • It reflects 80% of the radiated body heat back to you, thus keeping you warm
  • The soft face and aggressive side-venting of its extremely durable fabric allow you to use the bivvy into a stand-alone sleep system 
  • Its waterproof and windproof capabilities provide protection from the harsh outdoor elements
  • The stuff sack can be used to safely store it anywhere
  • It also features a Warm Weather Sleep System that can withstand up to 50°F, keeping you warm and cozy
  • Weighing only 8.5 oz., this bivvy is sure to be an easy carry