SOL Scout (Survival Pak)

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About SOL Scout (Survival Pak)

SOL Scout (Survival Pak)
The SOL Scout (Survival Pak) is just what you need to take with you into the great outdoors, thanks to its life-saving equipment. It is compact and lightweight so you can take it anywhere quite easily. This pack comes in a waterproof bag so your equipment is always safe and dry. You get a heat-sheets survival blanket to protect you from the cold. This survival pack comes with a liquid-filled button compass to help you keep going in the right direction. Its mini rescue flash signal mirror lets you signal for help. You can use the slim rescue howler whistle to be heard by rescue teams from over a mile away! This pack also has waterproof and windproof survival matches as well as waterproof Tinder-Quik so that you can make a fire even in wet conditions. Its survival fishing kit ensures that you will not go hungry. Plus, you can use the duct tape to fix just about anything. This SOL Scout (Survival Pak) includes all the essential gear you need to be prepared for any survival situation.

SOL Scout (Survival Pak) Features

  • This survival kit is compact and lightweight so you can take it anywhere quite easily
  • It comes in a waterproof dry bag so your equipment is kept safe
  • You get a Heat-Sheets Survival Blanket to brave the cold
  • The liquid-filled button compass helps you to keep going in the right direction
  • The Mini Rescue Flash Signal Mirror allows you to signal for help
  • You can use the SLIM Rescue Howler Whistle to be heard by rescue teams
  • The Waterproof and Windproof Survival Matches allow you to make a fire even in wet conditions
  • You can use the Waterproof Tinder-Quik to help with the fire
  • The Survival Fishing Kit ensures that you not go hungry
  • You can use the Duct Tape to fix just about anything

SOL Scout (Survival Pak) Specifications

Packed Length
Packed Width
Packed Depth
0.34 Lbs
Case Material
Clear Plastic Rf-Welded Waterproof
Recommended Use
Backcountry Skiing, Backpacking, Boating, Hiking
Db Rating
110 Db
Audible Range
5,280 Ft +
Tinder-Quik Tinder
Fire Lite Sparker
Percentage Of Reflected Body Heat
Burn Time
Up To 2 Minutes
Weight [with packaging]
0.4 lb
Mfr #
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