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SOL Rescue Howler Whistle (2 pack)

SOL Rescue Howler Whistle (2 pack)

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SOL Rescue Howler Whistle (2 pack) Features

What's in the box: SOL Rescue Howler Whistle (2 pack)

SOL Rescue Howler Whistle (2 pack)
The SOL Rescue Howler Whistle (2 pack) is a powerful signaling whistle that makes sure you are heard. It comes with two dual-frequency whistles that can emit a very loud an distinct sound in 110dB signal for over a mile (1.5 km.). You never have to worry about them being chipped or dented as they are built with a durable and unbreakable ABS construction. Each one is very light weight and offers a key ring to attach it to your set of keys or to a cord to be placed around your neck. The whistles are compact, making them easy to place in your pockets. These whistles are essential for your outdoor trips as they could save your life by warning others in your vicinity. And with an appealing yellow color, they are easy to see from a distance. Get a life saving tool when you purchase the SOL Rescue Howler Whistle (2 pack).

Key Features

  • These dual-frequency whistles emit a 110dB signal that can be heard from over a mile or 1.5 km.
  • The pea-less and dual lanyard hole design gives a distinct and powerful sound
  • The whistles can take a beating, thanks to their durable and unbreakable ABS construction
  • They are incredibly lightweight at 0.5 oz. so that you can carry them around your neck without noticing their presence
  • Their 2.125" x 0.25" size is very accommodating and can fit in your pocket or toolbox
  • With a yellow color, they're attractive and you can spot them from a distance 
  • It is an essential to take along to any outdoor trip and could save your life