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SOL Rescue Flash Signal Mirror

SOL Rescue Flash Signal Mirror Features

What's in the box: SOL Rescue Flash Signal Mirror

SOL Rescue Flash Signal Mirror
The SOL Rescue Flash Signal Mirror is the best thing that you can take with you on all your adventures. It is a daylight signaling device that you can use to target distant planes, helicopters, and search rescue teams for over 20 miles (32 km.). It's lightweight and compact, so it's easy to bring along your outdoor trips. It's made of Lexan Polycarbonate material, so it's very durable. It also comes with a mil-spec retro-reflective aiming aid, allowing you to use the device with one hand. With this flash signal mirror at hand, it'll be easy to get spotted. Simply hold the mirror at the edges, aim at your target using the aiming hole, and turn and tilt the mirror. It is the life-saving tool that just cannot be left behind. Go ahead and buy this SOL Rescue Flash Signal Mirror to take on your next outdoor adventure.

Key Features

  • This rescue flash is visible from up to 20 Miles away
  • It is made of Lexan Polycarbonate for durability
  • It only weighs 0.32 oz., making it very light and portable
  • It measures 3 in. height x 2 in. wide so you can store it almost anywhere
  • You will be able to signal planes, rescue helicopters, and any rescue teams that may be looking for you
  • It has a Mil-Spec Retro-Reflective aiming aid to make it more efficient
  • This is a life saving tool that can definitely make a difference when it most counts