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About Adventure Medical Quikclot Package

Adventure Medical Quikclot Package
The Adventure Medical Quikclot Package is a must-have for your first aid or emergency medical kits as you go on a trip outdoors. This reliable QuikClot is a chemically inert material packed in a mesh bag that speeds coagulation to stop bleeding. It is ideal for adventure travel guides, base camps, scuba divers, military and law enforcement, and many others. This convenient medical package offers you the possibility to take immediate action when you face an emergency, such as a severe cut or heavy wounds. You can chose from its two sizes, 25 g. and 50 g. packs, to treat small and larger wounds. The Quikclot Silver Package even comes with the added antibacterial advantage of Ionic Silver that helps you prevent any infections due to bacteria and fungi. This medical package is portable and easy to store. Enjoy your adventures safely with this Adventure Medical Quikclot Package.

Adventure Medical Quikclot Package Features

  • The pack helps to stop bleeding fast
  • This pack is a must-have addition to any first aid or emergency kit
  • The Adventure Medical Quikclot Package is great for providing first-aid response
  • Having it handy will allow you to be better prepared for any accident
  • This package conveniently comes in 2 sizes that you can choose from
  • The Quikclot Silver has the antibacterial advantage of ionic silver for better protection
  • A superb benefit is that it prevents the growth of bacteria and fungi
  • This product comes in a small package presentation, making it very easy to carry

Adventure Medical Quikclot Package Specifications

Packed Length
25G: 3.5" 50G: 5"
Packed Width
25G: 3.5" 50G: 5"
Yes, Quikclot Silver Only
Wound Care
Ionic Silver
Ideal Uses
Base Camp, Group Leaders, Hunting Guides, Adventure Travel Guides
Available in the Following Sizes:
25, 50, Silver 25, Silver 50
Weight [with packaging]
Silver 50: 0.3 lb
Mfr #
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