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Adventure Medical Adhesive Moleskin

Adventure Medical Adhesive Moleskin

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Adventure Medical Adhesive Moleskin Features

What's in the box: 22 Assorted Adhesive Moleskin

The Adventure Medical Kits Moleskin kit contains everything you need to prevent blisters. The included Moleskin is a pre-cut, super-soft and super-adhesive solution for both prevention and protection of blisters, and can be applied to areas that you know are prone to develop blisters before setting off. The oval shapes include pre-cut inner holes, creating a 'donut' the blister can fit into without causing pain.

Key Features

  • Medical Adhesive Moleskin
  • New Super Soft, Super Adhesive Moleskin
  • Most Reliable Dressing for Blister Prevention Available
  • User-Friendly with Pre-Cut Shapes
  • Pre-Cut Inner Holes Create "Donut" for Blister to Fit In
  • Die-Cut Shapes Fit Common Problem Areas
  • Moleskin Immediately Reduces Friction
  • 11 Die-Cut Moleskin Pieces Per Sheet
  • No Scissors Required!
  • 5 Different Sizes
  • Includes Alcohol Wipes for Surface Preparation
  • Tear Top Plastic Bag can be Resealed