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SOL Emergency Bivvy

SOL Emergency Bivvy Features

What's in the box: SOL Emergency Bivvy

SOL Emergency Bivvy
Make sure to have the SOL Emergency Bivvy when you plan to sleep outside your home. The orange colored emergency bivvy makes it easy to spot it anywhere. When you're sleeping in this bivvy, 90% of your body heat gets reflected back to you to ensure optimum warmth during the night. It is ideal for any weather condition as it is fully sealed on all sides, preventing rain, wind, and snow from entering. There's also the heat-sheets materials that makes this water and wind resistant. With its light weight of 3.5 oz., the bivvy is easy to carry, and can be taken anywhere. The bivvy c 84 in. length can accommodate a person of any size. It is the perfect item for outdoor activities. Also, it is an essential when camping or during mission trips. So what are you waiting for? Get the SOL Emergency Bivvy and sleep peacefully outside.

Key Features

  • With its ultra-light and ultra-warm build, this bivvy is an ideal emergency shelter as spend the night out
  • This bivvy offers full protection from rain, wind, and snow, thanks to its sealed sides
  • With 90% reflected body heat, this bivvy simply keeps you warm and cozy
  • Made from waterproof and windproof materials, it will protect you from the harsh cold weather outside
  • This bivvy weighs only 3.5 oz. and measures 84 in. and 36 in. when unfolded, making it an easy carry from place to place