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Adventure Medical Kits - Adventure First-Aid 2.0 Kit

Adventure Medical Kits - Adventure First-Aid 2.0 Kit Features

What's in the box: Adventure First-Aid 2.0 Kit

Adventure Medical Kits Adventure First-Aid 2.0 Kit
Always be prepared for emergencies with the Adventure Medical Kits. Now, you can know exactly what first-aid items you have brought along as this medical kit comes printed with a contents list on its bag. This well-organized first-aid kit is sure to come in handy during emergency situations. This kit from Adventure Medical Kits comes in a nylon case that is highly durable, great for long-term use. The waterproof inner bags ensure that water does not damage any supplies or medications. This kit even provides suitable assistance for up to 4 people, enough for a 1-day travel. It includes abundant bandages such as 16 adhesive fabric 1 in. x 3 in. bandages, among others. You also get materials to treat bleeding and burns. Essential medications such as Antihistamine, Ibuprofen, and Aspirin are found inside the bag. You get several survival tools in order to be prepared for any mishap, including a mini rescue howler whistle. Plus, this kit weighs a mere 16 oz., making it very easy to carry. So go ahead and purchase this Adventure Medical Kits to be prepared for anything!

Key Features

  • A list of contents is printed on the bag to provide a quick reference
  • The case is made of nylon to protect the contents inside
  • It is equipped with waterproof Inner bags to protect the contents from getting damaged
  • The Adventure Medical Kit is well-organized with enough supplies for 1-4 people for one day
  • Bandages of varying types and lengths are included for any emergency
  • It also comes with materials to treat bleeding and burns
  • You get essential medications in the package for allergies and pain
  • This kit is equipped with survival tools to help you face emergencies
  • It weighs only 16 oz. so you can carry it anywhere easily