CamOne Infinity 1080p Camera 4x Digital Zoom

CamOne Infinity 1080p Camera 4x Digital Zoom Features

What's in the box: CamOne infinity 1080p camera, Underwater housing (DiveBox) with tripod socket, helmet mount, M mount, flat universal mount, handlebar mount, short and long connector, 2 Velcro adhesive pads, USB cable, AV cable, Ten2Ten accessory adapter, pouch to carry the camera, sticker set, manual.

The CamOne Infinity, the Full HD micro cam by CamOneTec in Germany, sets new ground-breaking standards in the field of action sports cameras
The camera records 30 frames per second (fps) in Full HD 1080p - or 60fps in 720p for breathtaking slow motion shots Other functions, such as the time lapse or the serial photo, make its range of functions perfect The CamOne Infinity is small but capable, weighing in at just 2 72 ounces, including the battery, with the dimensions of 1 9 x 1 7 x 1 3 inches (49 x 42 x 34 mm)
The integrated screen with an intuitional multilingual menu and live view is a novelty - just like the "Easy Button System" It is extremely easy to start recording or take a photo - just as it is on a big camera Replaying your videos is also easy: with the AV-out or HDMI directly to your flatscreen - in brilliant quality
The different light refraction under water asks for a different adjustment of the lens - no problem with the CamOne Infinity - just turn the lens 92° without any extra filter needed The same feature allows you to swap between differently angled lenses It also enables you to replace scratched lenses easily No matterwhat sports you do - the CamOne Infinity is your perfect companion for sensational video shots

Key Features

  • Built-in high resolution display
  • Full HD recordings in 1080p
  • HD recordings in 720p with 60 fps
  • 127° Lens Included, 170° in 720p mode
  • Easy Button System
  • Front LED
  • DiveBox with tripod socket to allow underwater depths up to 40 meters
  • Weight of only 2.72 oz (77 grams)
  • Mono microphone, 48 kHz (built-in)
  • Digital 4x zoom