Snorkeling Snorkels

"Looking for a comfortable, well-fitting snorkel? Let us guide you through picking and buying a snorkel.

First, you'll want to control how water can - or cannot - enter your snorkel tube. The most traditional entry style is the open top, a simple tube shaped like the letter J. These let in water if the top is submerged and are a popular type of freediving snorkel. A bit higher maitenance is the semi-dry snorkel, which stops water from entering the top of the tube. And what is a dry top snorkel? In addition to preventing water from spashing into the top, when you breathe out the dry top snorkel also fushes water from the bottom of the tube with a purge valve. To pick the best entry style for you, consider your level of experience and desired maintenance .

Next, select the type of attachment between your mouthpiece and snorkel tube barrel. A contoured snorkel tube has a rigid bend, common for open top snorkels.exible bend is pliable, like an accordion, and allows you to adjust the angle between the tube and mouthpiece.

Finally, think about size - do you need a kids sno a kids snorkel package? - and space - how about a foldable snorkel?"