Dive Boots

Swimming in cold water? Keep your feet from freezing by wearing wetsuit booties. Dive boots are ideal for scuba diving as well as triathlons and surfing in cold water. If you wear swim fins, consider fin socks to protect against blisters. Our low cut beach shoes protect your feet in warm water and rocky bottomed pools and creeks. If you're wearing a dry suit, check out our heat socks. Don't forget to protect your hands with wetsuit gloves, too!

O'Neill Youth Reactor Reef 2mm Boots


  • Round toe 2mm neoprene low cut design boots
  • Reinforced toes and hell prevent wear
  • Ideal for snorkeling or diving in warm water
  • Sewn seams for strength and durability
  • Textured rubber sole for sure foot traction

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Neosport 2mm Children Low Top Boots


  • 2mm neoprene kids low top boots
  • All purpose sole offers extra traction
  • Built to last with glued and sewn seams

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