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If you're scuba diving, a scuba suit is a must. How do they work? Wetsuits hold a small amount of water between your skin and the suit. Your body warmth heats this water and turns it into protective insulation so you can stay warm even in cold temperatures. In addition to keeping you warm, wetsuits are designed to be flexible so you can comfortably move your arms and legs in the water. Check out the different styles we carry and special features such as zipper wetsuits and extra stretchy wetsuits.

Bare 1mm Men's Sport S-Flex Hooded Vest, Black


  • 1mm neoprene S-Flex hooded vest
  • Anatomically correct patterning
  • S-FLEX full stretch neoprene
  • THERMALSKIN-In design for extra comfort
  • Layers perfectly with BARE skin and full suit

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