Scuba Diving Accessories is a leading resource of scuba and diving accessories, like the divers gauge and light accessories, diving tool batteries, diving hangers, and more. Plan ahead and stock up for unpredictable diving situations with these diving product accessories. From extra dive wires to regulators and octopus accessories, these practical diving product add-ons will help you maintain your diving items and provide additional features to your scuba gear.

Cressi Buckles for Palau and Palau SAF Set


  • Impact Resistant Buckle Assembly
  • Corrosion Proof Plastic Design
  • Great Save-A-Dive Kit Item
  • The Dive You Save May be Your Own!

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Mares Black Replacement Mask Strap for X-VU i3 Masks


  • Designed for X-VU i3 Masks
  • Durable silicone rubber construction
  • Soft and comfortable feel

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MotoSolutions FOGTECH DX Anti-Fog Wipes - Pack of 12


  • One-step anti-fog wipes
  • Transparent fog-soaking layer
  • Quick solution
  • No rubbing required
  • Safe for glasses and plastics

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Pelican Nemo 4300 - 2 Pack Replacement Lamps


  • Hi-performance laser spot lamp module
  • Super bright collimated white beam
  • Ideal save a dive kit item
  • Designed for the Pelican 4300 Flashlight

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Roll-Control Adhesive Mount Beverage Holder (TA-93)


  • Mounts permanently to smooth, clean surface
  • Free swinging to prevent spills
  • Removable holder
  • Durable polypropylene construction
  • Suitable for cans, mugs, bottles

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