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GMC SCBA to Scuba Adapter

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SKU: AQU45010

  • GMC SCBA to scuba adapter
  • Fill scuba tanks up to 3200 psi (220 bars)
  • Corrosion resistant chrome plated brass
  • Impact resistant plastic koke knob
  • Yoke knob easy to handle with gloved hands

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Mares Cold Water Dry Kit for Old MR12s 1st Stage


  • Fits Mares 12S first stages 2008 model
  • Reduces potential of 1st-stage freeze up
  • Must for cold water diving
  • Marine grade chrome plated brass

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GMC Filler-Bleeder Attachment

SKU: AQU45050

  • GMC filler bleeder attachment
  • Attaches to 1/4-inch filler hose
  • Chrome plated marine brass construction
  • Standard yoke valve use
  • Threaded bleeder valve

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