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McNett Sea Quick Anti-Fog Spray 1/2 fl. oz. (15 ml)


  • All-purpose formula for masks and eyewear
  • Quick and easy in field application
  • Formulated for optimum defogging
  • Performs well even in extremely cold water
  • Eco friendly, biodegradeable and safe formula

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McNett Zip Care with Brush Applicator, 2 oz.


  • All in one zipper lubricant and cleaner
  • Ideal for plastic, nylon or metal zippers
  • Brush top removes harmful dirt and debris
  • Protective film lubricates without residue
  • Helps prolong zipper life

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JAWS Anti-Fog Spit Clip Retainer


  • Fits Spit and Quick Spit
  • Keeps anti-fog close at hand
  • Large clip for easy operation
  • Corrosion resistant anodized carabineer

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