Buoyancy Compensators

Featuring various styles of buoyancy compensators for men and women, LeisurePro.com is dedicated to helping you select the BCD that is best suited to your dive needs. We have all the top brands including Aqualung, Oceanic, Scubapro, and Cressi, and more. With all styles of BC styles, lncluding Jacket Style, Back Inflated, Tech BC's, and Side Mount, you are sure to enjoy your next dive!

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Scubapro GO BCD


  • Jacket style BCD
  • Lightweight foldable Airnet backpack
  • Integrated weight system
  • Balanced power inflator mechanism
  • Suitable for use as a travel busy

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Zeagle Zena Women's BCD


  • Female specific design and fit BCD
  • Twin waist and hip band system
  • Personal fit system with interchageable parts
  • Ripcord integrated weight system
  • ZEAGLE Bx power inflator

Sherwood Ventura BCD with Gemini Octopus


  • Lightweight and compact jacket style BCD
  • Comfortable back inflation and harness design
  • Integrated inflator and octopus
  • Downstream demand valve
  • Suitable for traveling

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Zeagle Scout BC with Octo-Z Alternate Air Source


  • Low profile single bladder BC
  • Highly adjustable basic travel BCD
  • Rear mounted waist pockets
  • Integrated power inflator and OCTO Z octopus
  • Octopus downstream demand valve

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