Buoyancy Compensators

Featuring various styles of buoyancy compensators for men and women, LeisurePro.com is dedicated to helping you select the BCD that is best suited to your dive needs. We have all the top brands including Aqualung, Oceanic, Scubapro, and Cressi, and more. With all styles of BC styles, lncluding Jacket Style, Back Inflated, Tech BC's, and Side Mount, you are sure to enjoy your next dive!


Oceanic Tour Lite BCD


  • Lightweight jacket style BCD
  • Designed for traveling divers
  • QLR4 Integrated weight system
  • Power inflator for easy inflation/deflation
  • Harness design transfers load effectively

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AERIS Jetpack Travel System


  • True hybrid bag - BCD
  • One size fits all fully adjustable travel BC
  • Fully packed with dive gear under 30 lbs
  • Ruggedly constructed for durability

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Cressi Travelight BCD

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  • Lightweight traditional jacket BCD
  • Compact design making it deal for travel
  • Designed for excellent balance and trim
  • Flexible padded back pad for back protection
  • Full integrated weight system for stability

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Mares Hybrid Pure BCD with MRS Plus Weight Pockets


  • Back mounted BCD style
  • Low weight, compact, and foldable
  • MRS plus system for easy weight management
  • Suspension system separate back from the tank
  • Ergo inflator for intuitive and ease of use

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Zeagle Express Tech Deluxe BCD


  • Lightweight compact travel BCD
  • Back inflation design
  • Adjustable straps ensure a custom fit
  • Bx power inflator
  • Reinforced polymer back plate provide support

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