Buoyancy Compensators

Featuring various styles of buoyancy compensators for men and women, LeisurePro.com is dedicated to helping you select the BCD that is best suited to your dive needs. We have all the top brands including Aqualung, Oceanic, Scubapro, and Cressi, and more. With all styles of BC styles, lncluding Jacket Style, Back Inflated, Tech BC's, and Side Mount, you are sure to enjoy your next dive!


Genesis Drift BCD


  • Lightweight and inexpensive jacket style BCD
  • Gravity style pull handles to ditch weight
  • Fully adjustable BCD harness assembly
  • Designed for buoyancy control in any position
  • Built from strong and durable 420D nylon

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Genesis Sirene Women's BCD

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  • Female specific jacket style BCD
  • Padded gel core neck padding for comfort
  • GENESIS Mini-Pac for cylinder mounting
  • Plush, thick, nylon interior for comfort
  • Easy buoyancy trimming in any position

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