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Stay submerged with our selection of weights and belts. These dive weights and weight belts can help you hone your buoyancy control so you can float to surface or dive deeper at will. We have heavy lead, soft lead, ankle weights, and weights that integrate directly to your BCD. We have versatile diving buckles fasten weights easily and effortlessly. Quickly releasing your weights can even turn them into a safety device in a problematic dive scenario.


Sea Pearls Uncoated Pass-Thru Bullet Style Weights


  • Traditional bullet style design
  • Accurate and true weights
  • Hardened with antimony to prevent deforming
  • Works with weight belts
  • Can be used with BCD weight integrated system

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Sea Pearls Uncoated Lace-Thru-Style Weights

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  • Hardened with antimony
  • Precision made weights
  • Comfortable shape-curved inner surface
  • Corners and edges are round

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