Scuba Octopuses

Having an octopus, or secondary demand valve, is a universal standard dive practice among modern divers. A spare regulator can act as a secondary air source for a friend in need. We have comfortable and functional octopuses for your diving pleasure. Always be prepared to help your dive buddy with an octopus from LeisurePro. We carry the top industry brands such as Mares, Oceanic, Aqualung and more. Don't go scuba diving without it!

Mares Fusion Octopus


  • Reliable downstream demand valve
  • Compact and ergonomic exhaust tee
  • Mouthpiece design results in less jaw fatigue
  • VAD system for easy breathing at all depths
  • Surpasses all EN250 quality test requirements

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Mares Carbon Octopus, Yellow


  • 2nd stage made from 100% SMC carbon
  • Reliable downstream demand valve design
  • Fluid Dynamic Deflector directs airflow
  • Superflex hose surpasses EN250 quality tests
  • Mesh grid regulates water inflow and outflow

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Mares Abyss Navy Octopus


  • All metal technology and design second stage
  • High thermal conductivity limits freezing
  • Fluoropolymer finish prevents ice crystals
  • Perfect match with all metal regulator line
  • Reliable downstream demand valve design

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