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Enjoy the ultimate, stress-free underwater journey with the dive masks at We have flexible, durable, and watertight masks that are comfortable and protect divers from the underwater elements. We'll make sure you see it all whether you are diving, snorkeling, or just swimming around! If you need a prescription mask, prefer rubber to silicone, or want customized neoprene straps, we have scuba masks that will suit any need. We have all the best masks, from brands like Cressi, Tusa, Aqualung, and Mares

Poseidon Technica Mask, Grey/Black


  • Reverse tear drop dual tempered glass lens
  • Extended downward view
  • Feathered edge skirt optimizes mask seal
  • Wide field of vision with undistorted view
  • Low profile, low internal volume design

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Mares X-Vision Liquid Skin Two Window Mask, 2014

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  • Liquid Skin technology for comfort
  • Designed for wide field of vision
  • Low internal volume
  • Dual lens mask with tempered glass
  • Easy equalization nose well

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Sherwood Spectrum Mask


  • Mirrored colored lens mask design
  • Sunscape lens to filter out blue wavelenghts
  • Rubicon lens for better optical contrast
  • Platinum lens for reducing surface sun glare
  • Wide field of vision

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Atomic Venom Mask Anti-Reflective Coating


  • Schott Superwhite glass provide top clarity
  • Superior light transmission
  • Offers the most vivid and real colors
  • Optimum face seal
  • Built with anti-reflective coating technology

Blue Reef Fisheye Black Silicone Mask


  • Reversed teardrop tempered glass lenses
  • Improved downward vision
  • Low volume design allows easy purging
  • Built in lens anti fog
  • Black silicon mask skirt for a perfect fit
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Mares Star Liquidskin Mask


  • Dual lens mask with tempered glass
  • Low volume, angled lens design
  • Easy to adjust ergonomic buckles
  • Ideal for free diving and spear fishing

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Mares X-VU Liquidskin Spear Fishing Mask


  • Designed for spear fishers and free divers
  • Tri comfort technology for comfort and fit
  • Easy equalization nose well
  • Low volume mask design
  • LiquidSkin technology for a softer mask feel

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OTS GRD-S1 Stealth Full Face Mask with Regulator


  • New High Performance 2nd Stage Regulator
  • Designed to Deliver More Air at Deeper Depths
  • Venturi Assist Increases Gas Flow
  • Tested at 200’ (61 meters)

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