Scuba Gauges

Always stay informed during your dive with gauges from LeisurePro. Offering depth, pressure, and compass configurations, our gauges will help you easily monitor time underwater, depth, and rate of ascent and descent. Guages are available in both analog and digital, making them easy to read in a variety of conditions. They can also be paired with computer consoles and oxygen sensors to help avoid any potential dive issues such as oxygen toxicity or decompression sickness.


Sub Gear C-1 Compass - Console Mount


  • Oil filled with durable rubber console boot
  • Large, easy to read bearing indicators
  • Luminescent display for low light conditions
  • Twin heading indicators for course alignment
  • Scratch resistant polycarbonate case

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Suunto Analog Double Gauge Console

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  • Pressure and depth gauge console
  • Durable impact resistant boot
  • Lightweight and compact console
  • Easy to read color coded gauge face
  • Luminiscent dials for low light visibility

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Oceanic Max-Depth Combo Gauge Old Style


  • Durable impact resistant boot
  • Pressure guage readout of 0 to 5,000 psi
  • Depth gauge with air filled diaphragm
  • Depth gauge readout of 0 to 200 ft
  • Expanded shallow scale for readability

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