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Explore deep-sea elements and navigate your way into underwater caves with a set of fins from the scuba equipment experts at We have fins for diving, snorkeling, and swimming, with a variety of styles including monofins, open back fins, and full foot fins. Our swim fins encompass fit, style, comfort, safety and support. We have fins for every diver with top brand names like Cressi, Tusa, Mares, and more!

Head Allegra Jr. Fins


  • Proven Mares Fin Technology
  • Soft and comfortable foot pocket
  • Quick release buckle system
  • Vented fin blade, thermoplastic material
  • Pink or blue, drawstring closure bag

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Head Fluida Fins

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  • Closed heel fin design
  • Light optimized pivoting blade (OPB) system
  • Vented fin blade design
  • Open toe design for additional comfort
  • Designed for optimum thrust, minimum fatigue

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Finis Positive Drive Swim Fins, Yellow/Black


  • Positive Drive Swim Fins (PDF)
  • Ellipsoidal blade generate propulsion
  • Asymmetrical design for inward supination
  • For all 4 competitive swim strokes
  • Adjustable heel strap

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