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View additional Public Safety: In the Used Store (1) wants you to stay safe on your dive. No matter what your level of scuba diving experience, we have the safety gear that will make sure you can focus on having fun. Check out our collection of cutting tools, ropes, life vests, exposure protection and more. Always follow safety guidelines, dive with a buddy, and grab some safety items to improve buoyancy control or tackle any obstacle in your way.

Zeagle SAR BCD with Ripcord System, Black


  • Designed for public safety divers
  • Harness for helicopter or swift water use
  • Personal fit modular system for a custom fit
  • 3M SCOTCHLITE reflective trim
  • Bx power inflator

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Zeagle 911 BCD with Ripcord System, Black


  • Back inflation BCD design
  • Bx power inflator assembly
  • Single or twin cylinder capability
  • 3M ScotchLite trim for high visibility
  • Designed for the public safety diver

Zeagle ZX Flathead 7 Yoke Regulator

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  • Nitrox ready to 40% out of the box
  • 1st stage balanced diaphragm design
  • Dry environmental seal with hydro transmitter
  • Pneumatically balance 2nd stage
  • Diver adjustable inhalation resistance

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