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Find something special to add to your scuba gear collection at! We offer a number of compressors, gas analyzers, handheld sonar devices, hookah systems, metal detectors, underwater communications and underwater scooters. These accessories can add new fun and functionality to your diving hobby.


Ocean Reef Neptune Space Full Face Mask with 2nd Stage


  • State of the art integrated regulator
  • Improved visual field
  • Patented 3-D equalization system
  • Durable scratch resistant visor
  • Easy access rubber purge button

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OTS GRD-S1 Stealth Full Face Mask with Regulator


  • New High Performance 2nd Stage Regulator
  • Designed to Deliver More Air at Deeper Depths
  • Venturi Assist Increases Gas Flow
  • Tested at 200’ (61 meters)

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J.W. Fisher's Extra 18" Coil with 100'of Cable


  • Adds versatility to your metal detector
  • Enhanced detector capabilities
  • Allows boat deployment of detector
  • Designed for pulse 6X and 8X detectors

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J.W.Fisher Single Frequency Pinger SFP-1


  • Helps relocate underwater site or equipment
  • Adjustable power, pulse width and pulse rate
  • Manual or water activation
  • 4 operator selectable frequencies

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J.W. Fisher GPS Interface


  • Interface jack to connect GPS to the VRM-1
  • Display GPS coordinates over recorded video
  • Hardware and software included

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