Snorkeling Masks

Does it sound important to be able to see when snorkeling? Then you know how critical a high quality snorkel mask is! You want a mask that fits snugly and comfortably against your face, so you don't have to keep stopping to drain the mask. You can pick masks with two windows (or more) to increase your peripheral vision. To see clearly, you'll want to be a glasses compatible snorkel mask (if applicable). It is also important to reduce fogging, which mask defogging spray can help with.


Tribord Easybreath Snorkeling Mask


  • Easybreathing full face snorkeling mask
  • Unobstructed 180° field of vision
  • Double air flow system preventsfFogging
  • Dry top snorkel design
  • 3 point head strap and feathered edge skirt

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