Waterproof Camera Housing, Cases & Bags

Want to take your above-ground camera underwater with you? With waterproof camera housing, you can do that - and even keep your smartphone close in a waterproof smartphone case. Each of our cases is designed with a lens port to allow you to zoom in and out. All our waterproof camera bags and cases keep your camera dry while also making it easy to push the buttons and move the lens, and connect to underwater camera lights. Many of our underwater cases are specifically made for different types of cameras, such as point and shoot models, brands like Ikelite - and even for a DSLR like the Canon Rebel. Of course, if you prefer to buy a fully waterproof camera, you can do that. What are you waiting for? Pick the right protection for your camera equipment!

Dry Case Waterproof Phone & MP3 Case


  • 100% waterproof case up to 30 Ft.
  • Waterproof vacuum seal
  • Flexible and crystal clear for photos
  • Stereo and microphone jack
  • Extreme activity arm band

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