Arms Trays & Mounts

Have you ever recorded a dive only to realize later that your underwater footage is shaky and unclear? Even the slightest movement can ruin an amazing underwater photo or video. Avoid blurry footage by keeping your waterproof action camera steady with a sturdy camera mount, arm system, and tray. A tray will stabilize your mounted camera underwater and provide a point of attachment for an arm and photography lighting. LeisurePro carries camera mounts, arms, and trays designed for the top action camera brands like GoPro and more!

i-Torch i-Das Compact Arm And Tray System


  • Fits compact point & shoots, and POV cameras
  • Extra strong anodized aluminum construction
  • Cut outs on tray for added versatility
  • Ideal platform for mounting artificial lights
  • Comes with an ergonomic single hand grip

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