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Planning to make a movie under the sea? Then underwater video lighting is as must. We picked this selection of LED video camera lights, video strobe lights, and wearable arm focus lights specifically because they are long-lasting, powerful, and convenient to use. An advantage of video lighting is that it's relatively straightforward to use, as you can usually turn your lights on and leave them on. We also offer photography accessories to complete your camera set up. If you're expecting to take still photos, you might want to consider underwater strobe lighting.

i-Torch Focus 400 Lumens LED Light


  • 400 lumens brightness
  • 85 degree high efficiency reflector
  • 1.5 hours burn time at maximum brightness
  • Cooling anodized aluminum light head
  • Small, compact, lightweight

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Ikelite DS-161 Strobe + Video Light with NiMH Battery

SKU: IK40615

  • Combines power with wide angle coverage
  • Suitable for macro, portrait, wide angle
  • Delivers softest, most even coverage possible
  • Avoids one f/stop loss caused by diffuser
  • Near neutral buoyancy in salt water

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