Underwater Photography Lighting

What one piece of camera equipment makes a huge difference in the quality of underwater photography? You guessed it: lighting! It's so dark underwater that colors several feet away disappear, so you need artificial photography lighting equipment. If you want to capture the fast action of fish and other ocean creatures, consider strobe lights. They release a short burst of light to illuminate your subject. Underwater camera video lights are also a smart option. These constant lights work well for camcorders and can provide enough illumination for still photos. Once you've picked your lights, check out underwater camera arm and mounting to finish the package.

Ikelite Light Diffuser M27 Thread

SKU: IK1870

  • Designed for Ikelite Gamma video light
  • Spread out the light beam for video or focus
  • Reduced backscatter
  • Increased angle of coverage
  • Better contrast and richer colors

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