Triathlon Wetsuits

Choosing triathlon clothing for an upcoming event? Triathlon wetsuits can cut significant time off your performance by reducing drag, increasing your bouyancy, and conserving your energy. Not to mention that they keep you warm - but not too warm! We carry tri suits come in different styles, including the popular fullsuits as well as separates. Our men's and women's triathlon wetsuits are designed for different body types to fit you perfectly. Whether your conditions require a long sleeve or sleeveless triathlon wetsuit, we carry what you're looking for. Get your triathlon or Ironman wetsuit in one easy step!

De Soto T1 First Wave Pullover


  • GreenGoma #9 Rubber with Yamamoto SCS
  • Flexible 2mm body and arms
  • Bio Stroke design for a more efficient swim
  • Heavy duty, but lightweight YKK custom zipper
  • Chlorine resistant for swimming pool use

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