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If you're diving in freezing water, especially for long periods of time, a drysuit is an essential part of your equipment to keep you warm. Shop our drysuit selection and find everything you need to stay water-free: dry pants, shirts, socks, and special dry suit long underwear. We carry suits in multiple materials including neoprene and rubber. Our drysuit accessories provide the finishing touches to create a watertight seal. Check out our wetsuit gloves and scuba boots to keep your extremities warm, too!

Fourth Element Men's Arctic 2 Piece Undergarment


  • 2 Piece Undergarment
  • 2 layers of high Insulation, low bulk fabric
  • Wicks away moisture from sweat and suit leaks
  • Overlap top and leggings prevents cold spots
  • Suitable for year round use under dry suits

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