Dive Computers

Dive computers allow you to continuously monitor the depth of your dive and ascent, helping avoid decompression sickness. Additionally, they eliminate the need to carry a separate dive watch and depth gauge. These dive computers range from wrist computers, console computers, compass computers and hoseless computers to access your underwater data and stay informed.

Suunto HelO2 Hoseless Mixed Gas Computer with Transmitter

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  • SUUNTO technical RGBM
  • 8 gas switching
  • Air, Nitrox, TRIMIX gas
  • Audible alarms, including maximum depth
  • Graphical display of dive profile

SubGravity HUDC Dive Computer


  • near-eye true hands-free dive computer
  • Readable in very low visibility conditions
  • Mounted on full face masks or any 2nd stage
  • Full color display shows all dive information
  • Long 25 hrs battery dive time

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