Dive Computers

Dive computers allow you to continuously monitor the depth of your dive and ascent, helping avoid decompression sickness. Additionally, they eliminate the need to carry a separate dive watch and depth gauge. These dive computers range from wrist computers, console computers, compass computers and hoseless computers to access your underwater data and stay informed.

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Tusa Element II, 3 Gauge Computer Console, New Style


  • Air, nitrox, gauge, and free dive modes
  • 2 mix switching feature
  • Computer deep stop feature
  • 5000 psi high pressure gauge
  • Liquid filled compass

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Oceanic Pro Plus 2.1 Air Integrated Computer with Compass


  • Air/NITROX, air integrated computer
  • Displays air and dive time remaining
  • Modified Haldanean/DSAT algorithm
  • NITROX mixtures from 21% to 50%
  • Side reading compass for gun-sight accuracy

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Genesis Resource Pro Computer Console, CG2209


  • Air,n itrox or gauge operating mode
  • Modified Haldanean / DSAT Database
  • Deep stop Reminder for dives exceeding 80'
  • Log book data up to 50 dives
  • Water or manual activation

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Cressi Leonardo Computer Console, Metric

Includes a FREE Digital Online Class to get the most out of your Dive Computer.


  • Durable impact resistant console boot
  • Air, nitrox and gauge modes
  • Single button interface for easy programming
  • Edge to edge, high definition LCD screen
  • RGBM algorithm, Bruce Wienke/Haldane model

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