Dive Computers

Dive computers allow you to continuously monitor the depth of your dive and ascent, helping avoid decompression sickness. Additionally, they eliminate the need to carry a separate dive watch and depth gauge. These dive computers range from wrist computers, console computers, compass computers and hoseless computers to access your underwater data and stay informed.


Oceanic Pro Plus 2.1 with Compass & Quick Disconnect


  • Patented air time remaining algorithm
  • Increased download memory from 256k to 512k
  • Safety stop prompt

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Uwatec Chromis Wrist Computer


  • Algorithm: ZHL8 ADT MB
  • NITROX from 21% - 100% with Adjustable pp02
  • Scuba, gauge, apnea, swim, and watch modes
  • Patented swimming stroke counter
  • Easy to use four button interface

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Suunto Cobra Air Integrated Computer with Compass QD & USB


  • Complete decompression stop data
  • Personal adjustments for tailored settings
  • Northern hemisphere zone 1/NH compass
  • Compass tilt potential of +/- 30 degrees
  • QD for downloading computer dives

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