Dive Computers

Dive computers allow you to continuously monitor the depth of your dive and ascent, helping avoid decompression sickness. Additionally, they eliminate the need to carry a separate dive watch and depth gauge. These dive computers range from wrist computers, console computers, compass computers and hoseless computers to access your underwater data and stay informed.


Tusa Element 3 Gauge Computer Console with Compass (SCA-351)


  • Deep stop feature and safety stop
  • Air and nitrox (21-50%) operating modes
  • Side and top reading compass
  • Modified Haldanean 12 compartment algorithm
  • 4000 psi high pressure gauge

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Cressi Leonardo Wrist Computer with PC Download

Includes a FREE Digital Online Class to get the most out of your Dive Computer.

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  • Air, NITROX, and gauge modes
  • Large edge to edge high definition LCD screen
  • Compact and travel friendly design
  • Safe decompression calculations
  • Depth, dive times, decompression status

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