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Minimize breathing effort with a regulator device and enjoy a stress-free, pleasurable dive. Scuba regulators reduce pressurized breathing gas and deliver it to you, the diver, underwater. A quality regulator will guarantee you peace of mind and a long adventure underwater. So fill up your Scuba tank and throw on your wetsuit and dive in. We carry all the top brands like Scubapro, Atomic Aquatics, Mares, and more.

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Dive Rite O2 DECO Regulator, DIN


  • O2 ready "Out-of-the-Box"
  • Fail safe and delivers gas if 1st stage fails
  • Marine grade chromed brass for durability
  • Pneumatically balanced downstream valve
  • Ergonomic dive/pre-dive venturi lever

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Oceanic Alpha 9 Second Stage

Dive Pink & Fight Breast Cancer. Includes a $20 Donation.

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  • 2nd stage downstream demand valve
  • Orthodontic mouthpiece reduces jaw fatigue
  • Nitrox ready out of the box to 40%
  • Rugged and compact design

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Hollis H-02 First Stage Only Din


  • Non-Balanced Flow-By Piston
  • Fail-Safe First Stage Design
  • Certified for Up to 100% Oxygen Service
  • 300 BAR/4500 PSI DIN Connection
  • Green DIN hand wheel for easy identification

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Hollis DC2 212 Regulator & Hollis 321 Octo Package


  • Pneumatically balanced 2nd stage and octopus
  • Dynamic adjustment maintain inhalation effort
  • Over balanced for better gas delivery
  • Compact and streamlined forged design
  • Environmental sealing stop internal corrosion

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Oceanic Open Water Regulator Package


  • Nitrox ready up to 40% 1st stage regulator
  • Non balanced flow by piston 1st stage
  • 2nd stage downstream demand valve
  • High visibility, bright yellow octopus
  • Combined dive computer and pressure gauge

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