Scuba Regulators

    Minimize breathing effort with a regulator device and enjoy a stress-free, pleasurable dive. Scuba regulators reduce pressurized breathing gas and deliver it to you, the diver, underwater. A quality regulator will guarantee you peace of mind and a long adventure underwater. So fill up your Scuba tank and throw on your wetsuit and dive in. We carry all the top brands like Scubapro, Atomic Aquatics, Mares, and more.


    Mares Rover 12S Regulator

    SKU: MRSR12S

    • 1st stage utilizes Tri Material valve
    • Minimized pressure drop with 1st stage DFC
    • Designed with 4 LP and 2 HP Ports
    • 2nd stage mesh design minimizes free flow
    • Reliable 2nd stage downstream demand valve

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    Mares Instinct 12S Regulator

    SKU: MRSI12S

    • 1st stage DFC system minimizes pressure drop
    • Environmentally sealed 1st stage design
    • Reliable 2nd stage downstream demand valve
    • 2nd stage side exhaust deflects breath
    • Small and compact design

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