Finally, A Fin For Everyone!

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The battle rages eternal between divers over which fin is superior: blades or splits. Proponents of blade fins testify to their strength in currents and better propulsion for various types of kicks, while split fin fans enjoy faster propulsion through the water with less effort. It really comes down to what your needs are as a diver; if you’re a slow swimmer, split fins might quicken your pace, while a stronger swimmer may find the blade to be more effective. Sadly, the two sides have never been able to come to an accord.

In an effort to end the feud, OMS and Apollo have teamed up to produce the ultimate fin: The BioStream Ultimate Fin. Designed using each company’s best seller, the Apollo Bio Fin and the OMS Slipstream, these revolutionary fins combine the power of the blade fin with the speed of the split fin, creating the most perfect propulsion ever experienced by any diver, ever. Their bright yellow color will make sure everyone sees you when you’re finning majestically through the water.

End the war once and for all, and just get the BioStream Ultimate Fin. You’re never going to need another fin. Available exclusively at LeisurePro.


BioStream Ultimate Fin, $350




  1. If only they could incorporate both full foot and open heel into the design too

  2. Datz a good1…

  3. totally “bought it”! DUH…

  4. This has to be a joke…! Good try… t

  5. Ugly !

  6. Didn’t see that one coming!

  7. Took me a minute to remember it’s april 1st!

  8. Someone needs to go to a tech forum and promote these. It would be hilarious to see the reactions. LOL!

  9. For the price of these fins, they better be the best!

  10. I don’t know… The tip of that fin in the pic looks like a bad Photoshop job. This wouldn’t be an April fools thing would it?

  11. Good one and I was ready to buy it too……Lol

  12. nice try 🙂

  13. I’ll buy a case or two

  14. hahahahahaaaaaaa ‘hook, line and sinker’

  15. Hideous

  16. So is this fin DIR compatible? haha

  17. Amazing Photoshop LoL….I fit is true i’ll buy one…lets us give it a try!!! Apollo & OMS I love U!!! hahaha

  18. i think this should be april fool joke?

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