Ways to Keep Your Dive Mask From Fogging Up

There are so many different recipes and concoctions that divers use nowadays to create their ‘miracle’ mask defogging solution. For the rest of us, we simply spit in our dive masks.

However for those of you who find spitting into your mask ‘unhygienic’ or uncivilized, or simply are tired of hawking all that spit into your Scuba masks, here are a few substitutes, proven to work just as well as saliva when it comes to preventing your masks from fogging.

Foggy Dive Mask Solutions

Glycerin is a chemical compound known as Glycerol also commonly called glycerine. It is a colorless, odorless, viscous liquid that is widely used in pharmaceutical formulations. As glycerin is a form of alcohol, it works well to mix with water and decrease surface tension of water droplets removing the fog forming condensation in your mask. Glycerin is also easily available at your local pharmacy.

Absolutely Clear Anti-Fog Gel

This is a strange one indeed. However Toothpaste works particularity well and leaves your mask smelling minty fresh! Several people actually use toothpaste to clean their new masks, as the microscopic silicone particles and mild abrasive present in the paste helps clean the mask.

Shampoo or more commonly Baby shampoo works well as a defogging agent for the same reasons as the rest; it helps break the surface tension of the water droplets formed by condensation. Divers highly recommend baby shampoo for the simple reason that Baby shampoos or ‘no Tear’ shampoos are mild and will not irritate your eyes should water enter your mask. Once again shampoo leaves your mask smelling wonderful.

JAWS Spit Anti-fog

Commercially available de-fog solutions
Most dive stores or dive websites sell specially created mask de-fog agents that come in convenient spray bottles. There have been mixed results and quite a bit of debate as to which commercially available product works best. So make sure you don’t spend a fortune on these products when you have so many cheaply available alternatives.

Detergent, Dishwashing liquid & Soap
All the above products work quite well and help prevent your dive masks from fogging up as they all are surfactants that break the surface tension of water. One word of caution though; rinse your mask well after rubbing the inside glass, or use a tiny amount, as you definitely don’t want the liquid to come in contact with your eyes while diving.

Take your pick!

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