Tips for Getting Quality Underwater Video with a GoPro Camera

underwater videoTaking your GoPro camera with you during your next SCUBA adventure is a great way to get photos and video of your underwater adventure. While the camera is ideal for action shots and taking underwater video from the moment you take it out of the box, there are some additional ways that you can get even better footage. Here are some tips for getting quality underwater video with a GoPro camera.

Dive Housing Case

The first thing that you’ll want to keep in mind is that you should be using the deep water casing for your GoPro camera. As is, the camera comes with a few different casing options, one of which will suffice in shallow water. However, if you plan to going to deeper depths during your SCUBA adventure, you’ll want to use the Dive Housing unit to get the best underwater video.

Use a Filter for Deeper Dives

The deeper you go on your dive, the more conscious you should be of the filter that you have for your camera. For dives that are more than 30 feet in depth, consider using the DEEP Flip3.1 filter to get the best quality photography. If you are diving at depths shallower than 30 feet, then you likely won’t need a filter for your camera.

Select the Right Mounting

Picking the right mounting system is incredibly important for SCUBA divers. It’s important to have a mount that will allow the GoPro to take stable footage that isn’t shaky, without the restricting the movement of the diver. For the best underwater video footage, consider the Octomask Diving Scuba Mask or the GoPole Reach. Both of these will allow the diver to take great footage, without being hampered by having their hands full.

underwater videoBe Aware of Lighting

Finally, it’s important that divers consider the lighting that is available when looking to take underwater video with their camera. The only model of GoPro that comes with automatic light settings is the Hero 3+ Black. That means that divers that use either the white or silver models will want to ensure that they have the best lighting behind them, in order to get quality footage. If a diver shoots upwards towards the light, there is a possibility that the video and photos will come out with distorted quality.


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