How to Talk Like a SCUBA Diver: Vol. 1

If you’re new to SCUBA diving, there are some terms and phrases divers use that may confuse you, so we thought we’d give you a little translation guide accompanied by relevant pictures to help you get the hang of the lingo. Once you have a grasp on what these words and phrases mean, you’ll be able to understand what the heck your diver friends are talking about, or even use them to impress your non-SCUBA friends. With enough practice, you too can learn to talk like a SCUBA diver!


Example: “The viz was so good today, probably a hundred feet or more!”


Example: “You should be glad you didn’t come to Murky Shore the other day, it was a real Braille dive!”


Example: “Derek couldn’t handle the ride over, he was feeding the fish all the way there.”


Example: “ I was so glad I remembered my pony bottle when I realized I was out of air!”


Example: “I can’t believe how much colder it was below that thermocline!”


Stay tuned for the next edition of How to Talk Like a SCUBA Diver!


Original photos via robert_hornungThespis377MadeByMarkTim Sheerman-Chase


  1. Scuba newbies? Would they be scubies (scoobies)? Rut roh raggie :)

  2. If you eat sushi and then feed the fish …..would that be considered cannibalism ?

  3. Because you Know the other fish are nibbling at that

  4. Braile always works out pretty good when the prop is in motion…LoL

  5. very poor, i would have put scuba talk like ….hows your wetty working out, or doing a safty, lets go buggin, wheres my loop-stick, cheezy but better, lol

  6. That’s pretty funny, but there could be so many more!

  7. All slightly funny.

  8. 30 Rock ““It’s a whole ‘nother world down there!”

  9. I want more! Lots more!

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