SCUBA Jobs: Underwater Hull Cleaning

underwater hull cleaningSCUBA diving is a source of infinite wonder and entertainment for those who enjoy this fascinating pastime. It provides enthusiasts with the opportunity to explore a vast, underwater frontier that is packed with surprises. For those who love adventures in SCUBA diving, there are employment opportunities that utilize many of the skills divers already have, as well as teaching some new ones. Hull cleaning is just one option for competent divers who wish to turn their hobby into their livelihood.

Underwater hull cleaning is primarily performed for industrial purposes. SCUBA divers take part in the process of cleansing the hulls of ships of a considerable size in order to improve the performance of seaworthy vessels and enhance maintenance. When hulls are well-maintained, it can conserve fuel as well. Divers who are interested in this line of work should choose carefully. It’s important to work with a company that has respect for the environment and marine life. The cleaning process should be performed in such a way that toxins are not introduced to the water and there is as little disturbance to the environment as possible.

When boats are used on a regular basis, fouling accumulates on the hull. This includes barnacles and a build-up of debris. If it isn’t removed, friction results and the vessel will not move as smoothly in the water. As a result, it will take longer to reach any destination and more fuel as well. In the past, ships would have been brought out of the water in order to clean the hull. This was a time-consuming, difficult process. Today, they can be cleaned while still in the water, thanks to competent SCUBA divers.

underwater hull cleaning diverIn order to perform hull cleaning, SCUBA divers should not use soaps or detergents that will only add toxins to the water, endangering marine life. Divers use a variety of equipment to remove slime, algae, weeds, barnacles, and other debris from the hull without doing damage to the surroundings. They need to take special care of they are diving in contaminated waters in order to protect themselves from potential harm. While it is certainly not for everyone, underwater hull cleaning can be a rewarding and challenging form of employment.

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