Health Benefits of Diving for Arthritis Sufferers

health benefits of divingArthritis is a medical ailment that’s characterized by uncomfortable joint rigidity and inflammation, and affects some 52 million people in the US alone. Although SCUBA diving and arthritis might seem like two totally unrelated and mismatched concepts, that simply isn’t always the case. The health benefits of diving are numerous and varied. Not only can the activity promote proper breathing in people of all fitness levels and physical abilities, it can also help individuals who have arthritis.

SCUBA diving makes people feel light and weightless. If someone has arthritis and is diving, he or she can enjoy increased feelings of mobility and agility. This, in turn, can help ensure that he or she continues to retain that level of mobility. Diving can help people continue to be able to move their joints easily and quickly. As a result, diving enables arthritis sufferers to be able to exercise routinely and keep up with their health and fitness. When at depth, arthritic divers are also often believed to not experience any uncomfortable joint aching. Since joint pains and stiffness can prevent people from feeling comfortable while they exercise, diving can make a terrific alternative to standard physical exercises.

Water exercises in general can be extremely useful for people who have arthritis. In fact, a number of water exercise regimens were established solely with the needs of arthritis sufferers in mind. These water exercises are designed to be comfortable for people who have sore or painful joints.

health benefits of divingIt isn’t uncommon for people who have arthritis to enjoy the calming sensation of warm H2O on their joints. While warm water can indeed by extremely cozy to people with arthritis, it’s vital to ensure that they never dive in anything overly hot. People with arthritis typically thrive when they do water exercises at temperatures of anywhere between 83 and 88 degrees Fahrenheit. This temperature range, while agreeable, won’t encourage excessive sweating.

People who have arthritis that is anywhere between mild and moderate might benefit greatly from regular diving sessions. Before they begin any exercise programs, however, it’s absolutely crucial that they first consult reliable medical professionals. People who want to kiss unpleasant tension and pressure within their bodies goodbye might truly appreciate learning to dive, as the health benefits of diving can be significant.

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