Enjoy a Day at the Mall of America Aquarium

mall of america aquariumThe Sea Life Minnesota Aquarium, located in the Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnesota, offers several exhibits and interesting features for visitors to enjoy. This haven for aquatic entertainment opened in 1996, and today there are over 10,000 creatures throughout the aquarium.

Some of the more exotic creatures that can be seen include octopus, garden eels, and sea turtles. There is a ray lagoon with viewing bubbles, a rock pool, and coral caves which feature live coral and clownfish, as well as a stunning jellyfish exhibit.

The Seahorse Kingdom showcases six species of these beautiful sea creatures, including pregnant male seahorses and newborns. One of the more recent exhibits includes the Mysteries of the Rainforest, where visitors can see piranha and poison dart frogs in a simulated natural habitat.

The major highlight of the Mall of America aquarium is the huge 300-foot underwater tunnel that allows visitors to walk through while viewing an assortment of sea life above and around them. The four tanks in the tunnel include Atlantis, Rainbow Reef, Wild Amazon, and Sturgeon Lake. Atlantis and the Rainbow Reef feature a variety of sharks. The Wild Amazon showcases black pacu, turtles, and catfish. Visitors can view alligator gar and large mouth bass in the Sturgeon Lake tank.

mall of america aquarium

Jelly exhibit at Sea Life Minnesota Aquarium

For a fee, there are several extra activities that can be enjoyed while visiting the aquarium. Visitors who are certified divers can dive into the Sturgeon Lake or Atlantis tank, and guests who are at least 9 years old can go snorkeling while enjoying several varieties of sea life.

There are also tours that provide a behind-the-scenes look at the day to day operations of the aquarium, where guests can visit a laboratory, a prep kitchen, and even get close to some of the sharks without dipping so much as a toe into the water.

And as a special treat, visitors can stay at the aquarium overnight and sleep among the sea creatures! There’s so much to see and do at this wonderful attraction — check out this video of what you can expect to encounter at the Mall of America aquarium.

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