DIY Underwater GoPro Rig For Under $10

gopro camThe GoPro camera has taken the world by storm, as it has become the affordable, portable option for filming virtually anything you want, anywhere you go. It is a great choice for underwater photographers and videographers for its ease of use and lightweight construction. GoPro has put out a wide variety of mounts and rigs that further enable you to capture footage from any angle, from body mounts to trays and poles. But if you’re the crafty type who’s looking to save a few bucks, you can easily make an underwater rig for your GoPro camera with a little extra time and less than $10. This video will show you how to easily construct a tray from PVC materials and conform it to your own personal specifications. In fact, the process is so simple, we think you’ll be coming up with all kinds of customizations after the first time you use it! Even if you don’t change the original design at all, this is a great project that will cost you practically nothing to try, and will definitely help improve your underwater filming skills. Don’t forget the most important component: buoyancy!


Image via IntelFreePress


  1. I adapted a standard GoPro mount to go onto an Ikelite ball-swivel arm, in order to mount it on top of my Ike SLR housing.

  2. So far what my husband got me & what I’ve added on. I really like the backpack & handle so far, but I didn’t really “make” it. It’s just a hodg-podge.

  3. go to aqua action page to see rig that one of our divers made to attach gopro to his mask. works great.

  4. Great idea!

  5. there’s a ton of rigging videos on youtube. gopro is the best most versatile camera EVER

  6. A friendly note to u/w GoPro users: the rest of us u/w photographers understand that subjects of your videos have to be really close for the best images but please don’t rapidly approach big creatures & ruin it for everyone else trying to get a shot! I had a diver swim right up to a big group of eagle rays that were swimming carefree directly near me as I was filming & he quickly scared them off by swimming directly into their path! Ugh. He tried to blame it on his GoPro but it was simply inconsiderate diving!

  7. My husband fitted his to a monopod…..

  8. I’ve had divers with huge ass camera rigs physically push me out of the way to take a picture of an eel, some people just shouldn’t be allowed under water

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