Help Conserve a Marine Species with iSeahorse!

iseahorse logoIf you’ve ever had the fortune of seeing a seahorse on a dive, you know what a spectacular sight it is. Seahorses are some of the ocean’s most unusual creatures, seemingly so fragile and vulnerable when you see them in the wild clutching to whatever their stronghold may be. Their remarkable physical makeup and bodily functions are so simple and yet so bizarre, and they are certainly one of the more captivating creatures to observe. The loss of them in the sea would be irreplaceable.

The team at the Seahorse Project feel just the same way, which is why they developed iSeahorse. iSeahorse is a tool for seahorse science and conservation that invites all members of the public to participate and contribute as much information as they can, essentially becoming citizen scientists. Anyone can join, and the platform is very easy to use: simply create a profile using your email address, and you can instantly begin logging your observations on dives, fishing trips, or snorkeling excursions — anywhere you might see a seahorse in the wild.

seahorseUpload photos and other details about your observation to the iSeahorse database, and seahorse experts and scientists from Project Seahorse then use that information to keep the most current data on the status of populations worldwide. You can use the site to help identify seahorse species, add observations to existing entries or create your own, and interact with other members of the iSeahorse community, which includes scientists, divers, and hobbyists alike.

There’s also a free iSeahorse iPhone app that’s perfect for uploading your observations onsite, or just browsing through in your spare time. It costs absolutely nothing at any time, but the information that is gleaned from global participation is priceless. If you’re interested in becoming a citizen scientist for seahorses, check out their website or iPhone app and create your profile today!

Images via iSeahorse, TooFarNorth



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