Aquaviews’ Most Popular Posts of 2013

happy new year eelYet another year has come to an end, and the only question you should be asking yourself is: did I do enough diving this year? If you don’t feel like you did, make your first resolution of 2014 to get in the water more often. Take any opportunity to dive, and create more opportunities to go diving. Aquaviews is loaded with articles on dive destinations worldwide, marine life, and tips for making your dives the most enjoyable they can be, so be sure to stay tuned for more of the most up-to-date SCUBA news and product information in 2014!

Just for fun, here’s a look at the most popular posts on Aquaviews for 2013. Thanks for subscribing and have a very happy new year!

5 Types of Divers You Don’t Want to Be

A humorous look at bad habits and the divers they turn us into. Practice good etiquette in 2014!

Fishy Business at Cayman Turtle Farm

Cayman Turtle Farm claims their operation is helping sea turtles, but those claims are doubted by marine life activists.

3 Good Reasons to Wear Exposure Protection

Diving in a bikini always looks good on magazine pages, but there are good reasons to suit up in the ocean!

3 Places to See Glowing Plankton

If seeing stars in the sea is on your bucket list, don’t miss these 3 incredible places to observe bioluminescence!

Solutions for Your SCUBA Diving Ear Problems

Many divers have SCUBA-related ear issues, but you don’t have to suffer on the┬ásidelines.

3 Simple Seasickness Remedies

Stop seasickness before it starts and enjoy your dive!

Bizarre Sea Creatures: Sarcastic Fringehead

Terror and beauty have never been fused into a more interesting species of fish.

Take Your iPhone for a Dive!

Find out how you can post the coolest Instagrams in 2014.

The Pristine Reefs of Bonaire

A colorful look at what’s in store on a dive in Bonaire.

Yucatan Diving: Casa Cenote

Cool high definition video of one of the Riviera Maya’s most popular cenotes.

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